Originally, I had the wild idea that my first “real” project would be a tailored suit jacket. How hard can it be right…? Let’s just say that after taking one look at the pattern pieces for the jacket, I decided that I would need to attempt something much simpler for my first project. Basically I needed a pattern with mostly straight lines and a relatively small number of pieces.

Luckily my wife had a pattern for an apron that she made a while back. A muslin apron is definitely a long way from a jacket, but you got to start somewhere.


I was getting ready to cut my very first pattern in this picture. Could they make pattern paper any thinner? I thought it would disintegrate in my hands.


This is Kalypso, otherwise known as “The Kittaih!,” and she wants to learn how to make an apron too.


Pinning my first pocket.


The finished pocket and neck strap.


Tada! Finished apron. I couldn’t be happier with the way this turned out. Granted, it was a pretty easy project, but I literally went straight from the practice stitching here: Day One to the apron.

I’m still not ready to attempt anything close to a jacket yet, but look forward to whatever is next.