homebrew pale ale

While this is the first beer for the new brewing section it is actually my 11th batch. I took up brewing a while back and decided to start documenting my brews online. I made this beer on New Years eve and I think it turned out pretty good for a basic American pale ale.

After reading that Simcoe and Amarillo make a great hop combination, I decided I had to try a beer with these two hops. The finished beer has lots of hop aroma, and I love the little bit of apricot flavor from the Amarillo hops. The only change I would make for next time is to increase the 60 minute bittering hop addition. With just a little more bitterness this would probably be considered an IPA.

I’m not at the point where I can come up with recipes completely on my own, but I’m slowly getting there. I will always try to link to the original recipe, or link to the recipe that inspired me to make a certain beer. For this beer, I originally got the idea from this thread on a home brew forum, but made some changes to the recipe.

New Years Pale Ale

Brew date: 12/31/12
Bottle date: 1/12/13
Batch size: 2.5 gallons
Bre-Boil Gravity- 1.054
OG- 1.066
FG- 1.014

Malt Bill

6.5 # Pale 2 row
.5 # Munich
.5 # Crystal 60L


Simcoe .50 oz @ 60 min
Amarillo .25 oz @ 15 min
Simcoe .25 oz @ 5 min
Amarillo .25 oz @ 0 min
Simcoe  .25 oz dry hop 4 days
Amarrilo .50 oz dry hop 4 days


Safale US-05, 1 packet, no starter or re-hydration.

Priming sugar: 2.5 oz

Mashed with 3.5 gal water at 149-152 for 75 min.
Rinsed grain bag with 9 cups hot water @ 170 degrees.
Boil for 60 min.