I originally posted this beer back in March at Love & Olive Oil, a food blog my wife Lindsay runs that documents our culinary adventures. This is the first stout I made, and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. My goal was a thick, chocolatey, slightly sweet beer that could be substituted for dessert. In addition to chocolate malt, I also put cocoa powder in the boil, as well as some bourbon soaked cocoa nibs in my primary fermentation carboy as soon as primary fermentation was complete.

This is a beer I will definitely be making again next fall, but I might try a version aged on some bourbon soaked oak chips next time.

The recipe is adapted from a clone of Terrapin Beer Co.’s Moo-Hoo that can be found here.

Chocolate Milk Oatmeal Stout

Brew date: 1/18/13
Bottle date: 2/1/13
Batch size: 2.5 gallons
Bre-Boil Gravity- 1.050
OG- 1.064 (includes lactose sugar)
FG- 1.024 (includes lactose sugar)

Malt Bill

6 # Pale 2 row
.5 # Chocolate Malt
.25 # Roasted Barley
5 oz Crystal 80L
.5 # Flaked Oats

.5 # Lactose @ 10 min

2.5 oz cocoa powder @ 10 min

2 oz cocoa nibs, soaked in 2.5 oz bourbon for 4 days. Bourbon and nibs added to primary fermenter after primary fermentation was complete.


.25 oz Nugget @ 60 min
.5 oz Willamette @ 30 min


Safale US-05, 1 packet, no starter or re-hydration.

Priming sugar: 2.5 oz

Mashed with 4 gal water, + 2 cups at 152 for 75 min.
Boil for 60 min.