I love just about every beer that Sierra Nevada makes. My college days were spent in Chico, CA where Sierra Nevada was started. Being so close to the brewery meant that I could buy six packs of their seasonal brews for under $5.00, and six pack of their Bigfoot Ale barley wine for under $7.00. (I found an old receipt from college the other day with the beer prices still legible) These days I can’t find a four pack of the Bigfoot Ale for under $10.00. Aww, the good old days.

Their Ruthless Rye is a great IPA, and since I had never brewed with rye before, I thought making a Ruthless Rye clone would be a great opportunity to try using some rye in a home brew. I based my beer off of this recipe. After looking back at that recipe for this post though, I noticed that there isn’t any rye in the malt bill. The original link I bookmarked is forwarding to a new website, so maybe there is a mistake somewhere.

I didn’t follow the recipe exactly, and I’m not quite sure what went wrong, but the bittering hops came across a little too harsh to make this a great beer. It was perfectly drinkable, but not my best work.

Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye Clone

Brew date: 3/9/13
Bottle date: 3/21/13
Batch size: 2.5 gallons
Bre-Boil Gravity- 1.052
OG- 1.068
FG- 1.016

Malt Bill

6.5 # American Two-Row Pale
12 oz Rye Malt
8 oz Crystal 40L
1 oz Chocolate Malt


3/8 oz Chinook @70
3/8 oz Magnum @15
3/8 oz Chinook @5
1/8 oz Magnum @5

.25 oz Chinook Dry Hop 4 days
.5 oz Citra Dry Hop 4 days
.25 Magnum Dry Hop 4 days


Safale US-05, 1 packet, no starter or re-hydration.

Priming sugar: 2.5 oz

Mashed with 4 gal water, + 4 cups at 153 for 60 min.
Boil for 70 min.