We are getting close to finishing with Step 9 of the Desmond Backpack sew along! The exterior and lining get sewn together today and all of the hard work put in so far pays off in a big way. There is something so satisfying about putting the final touches on a project.

Lining Attachment

Leave the lining right side in (pockets will be on the inside). Turn backpack body (exterior) right side out (zipper pocket and strapping will be on the outside). Press open 1-2″ of side seam allowance at the top of the backpack body and lining. If you want to press open the entire seam allowance you can, but it isn’t necessary.

Place backpack body (exterior) inside lining, right sides together. Align side seams, side notches, and center front and center back notches. Pin lining to exterior.

lining/exterior seam

Stitch lining to exterior all the way around top of pack opening.

lining/exterior seam

Make sure to keep notches and side seams aligned, and make sure that the side seam allowances remain pressed open as they are stitched.

lining/exterior seam pressed open

Press the seam open all the way around the top of the pack.

Turn backpack right side out through the hole left open along the bottom of the lining.

exterior/lining pulled to right side

With the lining pulled out of the exterior, pin edges of bottom opening together and top-stitch closed from the right side along previously pressed under seam allowance.

lining bottom seam closed

If you don’t want visible top-stitching, you have the option of closing this seam by hand, but I would recommend machine stitching this closed. The seam is at the very bottom of the inside of the pack, and it will not be visible.

lining tucked inside

Place the lining back inside the exterior, and then press the exterior/lining attachment seam flat all the way around the pack from the right side.

exterior lining top-stitch

Edge-stitch all the way around the top of the backpack. Then top-stitch 1/4″ from edge-stitching line, creating two lines of stitching.

exterior/lining top-stitch

That’s all we are doing today. There is only one more step left, where we will deal with all of the straps and snap hooks. We are almost finished!