Since this is a project about creating a wardrobe, I thought I would do a quick overview of where I am at as far as shirts go. I finally have a small collection of everyday casual shirts. The aqua/green-ish chambray in front, and the narrow blue and white striped shirt behind it are the two newest additions. I started work on them a month or two ago.


I consider all of these shirts to be casual. The collars are on the short side, making them a little awkward to wear with a tie, and the button down collars aren’t something I would wear in a formal setting anyway. Plus, the fabrics themselves aren’t exactly the refined type from which proper dress shirts are made.

That being said, these are exactly the type of shirts I use most often, and have very few occasions to wear something more formal. I work from home, so I do not need dressier shirts for business, and hardly ever need to wear a suit. As a result, I’ve focused my efforts so far on everyday basic shirts that work with denim as well as a variety of chinos.


This doesn’t mean that I don’t like more formal clothing. In fact, there are times when I wish I had a collection of suits and ties hanging in my closet, but simply don’t have the need at this point. Since my sewing time is limited, I try to spend my time making things that are useful and that fit within the context of my everyday life.


So…what to make next is the question. I may take a break from shirts for a while. I’m good on the denim front, but would like to make one more pair of chinos in a dark gray. The other option is to dive straight into jacket/blazer making. I made an attempt at a pattern a while back and may revisit that project next.