There are numerous online sources that I turn to on a regular basis for insight into fit and style, menswear news, and inspiration for future projects. I thought I would share some of them here for anyone who might be interested in this sort of thing. I’m not getting paid to list these websites. I simply enjoy what they have to offer and thought that some of you might as well.

None of them are directly related to sewing, pattern drafting, or craft in general, and most are geared towards men. Although, if you are a lady who wants your guy to dress better, perhaps you might find something worthwhile.

Put This On – “A Web Series About Dressing Like a Grownup.” I am a long time fan of PTO and think this is a great place to start for any guy who is looking to, well…dress like a grown up.

Valet – “Consider us your concierge to a well-styled life.” An online men’s magazine of sorts.

This Fits – “A resource for men about dressing well.” Great information on fit, style, and various menswear sales.

Kempt – “World of men’s style, fashion, grooming.” Another online magazine/blog covering numerous topics.

I also have to mention Alton Brown, who I have been following for years. He is famous for his role in the food world with numerous shows on the Food Network, books, tours, etc. Alton has a relatively new podcast, and while the focus is on food, he has a lot of interesting guests and covers a wide range of topics that so far have included art, guitars, life on the road, and most relevant here, his interest in men’s style/fashion.

For those who are more interested in menswear, check out the episode that Alton did with Sid Mashburn where they talk about full canvas vs. fused jackets, the merits of the Navy blazer, importance of fit, and searching for that perfect vintage Rolex.

Where do you draw inspiration for your projects and blogs in general?