100% cotton, 12.5oz, Blue Line, Cone Mills selvedge denim.

“Slim” fit, straight leg.

Single needle stitching.

Handmade by me from my own pattern.

folded selvedge denim jeans

top half, front selvedge denim jeans

top half, back, selvdege denim jeans

Hand felled yokes, center back, and inseams.

cuffs, inseams, hand felled

selvedge coin pocket

Selvedge coin pocket.

inside pocket, fly, selvedge denim jeans

Yeah, the pocket bags and fly are lined with a pink-ish plaid. I like it, and think men should be able to enjoy a little pink.

selvedge fly

I used the selvedge for both the left and right sides of the fly. The look is clean, and the bulk is reduced to a minimum.

me, modeling fit picture

The shirt should look familiar. It still needs to be ironed, and tucked properly.

me, modeling fit picture

me, modeling fit picture

The denim is still really stiff, which I think causes them to hang a bit odd right now.